Welcome to Matthew Draper's web site, This site documents the work that the artist has been making over the last twenty years.

Draper is a British based landscape Artist who chooses to make work that reacts to the contrasting landscape, weather and light found in his native British Isles.

The purpose of this web site, is to provide further information about the artists work and forthcoming exhibitions and projects.

It's aim is to serve as another method of providing information to the public. It creates the opportunity for the artist to introduce his work and imagery to new audiences, whilst at the same time providing further information about the work for those people who are already aware of it, and collect it.

Above all else it is designed to complement the knowledge, undersatnding and expertise that the artist receives from those gallerys and dealers who currently represent him. The intention is not to provide a platform where work is sold directly to the public.

Thank you for taking the time to look at this site.